Heart Rate Variability for masses

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  1. Vasile Zoicas dit :

    Hi, excellent blog!
    Regarding the HRV evaluation, there is a new tool available coming from years of research, already being used and approved by several top scientists ( http://www.codesna.com/en/scientific-comitee/ ). You may ask: Ok what’s the difference with existing tools, like Kubios? Well, CODESNA_HRV allows the dynamic analysis of Autonomic Nervous System (true Sympathetic and Parasympathetic activities) and brings new markers like Resting factor, Stress level and ANS entropy. Of course, the tool supports also the traditional analysis like LF/HF/RMSSD.
    As it’s very simple tu use, you might be interested on evaluating it. So check it out with provided examples at: http://www.codesna.com/en/products/codesna_hrv/


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