Steve Jobs is gone

Opened my MacBook Air this morning, and get in my morning drill only to discover that Steve passed away this night.

And with him, one icon on the technology, who brought innovation and design to masses. He leaved behind him a legacy of iconic products of course (one of them behind the MacBook Air I am using to write this post), but also managed to create a whole industry by itself. If you need some confirmation, have a look to Amazon,Samsung, … new products and how the market evolved with each new Apple product.

No wonder that Apple will survice him passing away, as hinted by the iPhone 4S presentation earlier this week. Apple will continue to strongly innovate in consumer electronics but will next enter our everyday life through the use of their devices and technology such a Siri. Gift cards being a first step in this direction, but as Apple patents reveal, travel, fashion, … may be next on the list.

Now, let’s wonder how God will welcome the guy who manage to eat the Apple 😉 and present my sincere sympathy to his family, friends and Apple fellows.

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