PMC fatigue & tapering management

Warning note : Most of the things hereby are based on my own musings and understandings and may not be applicable to someone else. I am elaborating this while walking and learning, so I welcome any comment.

Don’t know if it’s rocket, bullet  proof science or not, but in the past year, I have already been using the TrainingPeaks PMC (Performance Management Chart) to manage my fatigue level and plan upcoming activities. The nice thing with the PMC, is that once you understood TSS & Intensity and based on past training sessions, you can easily forecast your training and fatigue level. I found out this to be pretty reliable and I can remember in February pushing too hard and getting really tired, and then coming back to the PMC only to discover that it was written there, for me to check and correct.

This excerpt is showing the past 3 weeks of Base 3 training, as well as the plan for the current one, the goal being to maintain more or less CTL, while resting and getting to Cannes race more or less fresh. For past year races, I used to arrive in a race with a level of TSB (fatigue) up to 20 or 30. Here, this race being low priority and part of the training for the Nice IronMan race happening late June, the goal is to arrive into the race with a minimum fatigue level, but not to rested neither.

PMC Chart

PMC Chart

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